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526. W University Pkwy Apt. 301
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About Us

Years in the making, preserved through time

Butterfly Bones is the manifestation of years of collecting and creating. It started with bones, stones and shells; hard, clean definite objects. It then evolved into including flora and fauna in different stages of decay; small animals hit by cars, leaves that have been devoured by beetles, the wings of deceased insects... Finally, the collection grew to include materials that were never alive, man-made objects that had broken or been discarded; smashed car windows and liquor bottles, old clock parts, data boards, etc.


Artist’s Statement

I am inspired by what has been left behind and cast aside. My family, friends and customers are always bringing me new and unusual materials for me to save, alter, or present in a new context.

Most of my compositions are housed in copper, preserved in resin. The boundaries provided by simple geometric shapes contrast and control the organic, and sometimes inorganic, nature of the heart of each piece.